How can I protect my home from Termintes?

  • Subterranean termites feed on wood materials and require high moisture levels to survive. Eliminating food and moisture sources from around your home, particularly the foundation, can help protect your home from termite attack.

  • Repair structural or plumbing leaks to eliminate moisture along foundation walls or in wall voids.

  • Keep crawl spaces well ventilated; install vapor barriers.

  • Keep gutters clear and repair broken roof shingles to prevent water damage.

  • Remove trash, debris or construction materials in the vicinity of the house.

  • Remove hardwood mulch and railway sleepers from landscaping. Pull mulch six inches away from foundations. Pine bark mulch is least attractive to termites.

  • Prune back shrubbery, bushes, and tree branches that touch the house to eliminate potential entry routes into your home.

  • Stack firewood away from the house or other wood structures.

  • Install downspouts long enough to direct water away from the foundation.

  • Eliminate wood to soil contacts that provide a path to structural wood.

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